Making Your Days Count

 Leveraging our knowledge and experience to help you seize the day


Looking for driven and passionate individuals wanting to make a change today

Join our team to help you build daily habits that will help you make your days count, every day.

Driven by Excellence

 Tess and Matt are the founders of Seize Your Day. Striving to help you implement daily habits through experience and expertise in training and nutrition. 

It is not about determining what is right and wrong, it's as easy as checking off the boxes daily and making your day count. Over the long run, daily habits will yield in long term results physically, mentally and emotionally! 


Personalized Plan

Making your day count starts with a training and nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle.

Online Coaching

Set yourself apart with weekly check-ins, custom meal and training plan, and 24/7 communication.

One-on-One Training

In-person training to take your workouts to the next level with our knowledge and expertise.

What sets us apart?

We make sure that all clients have a personalized plan to make the days count.

Seize Your Day comes down to finding a solution tailored for each individual. Further aiding in the development of habits that will help you make the days count in the long run.


Custom Plans 

 If you are looking to take your training and nutrition to the next level, our custom plans are for you. Each plan is built with your current goals in mind.

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Coaching Services

Our coaching services is tailored to fit your needs and goals. Making your day count starts with the right training and nutrition backed by our 24/7 support.

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